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Preparing to Say Goodbye

Since your pet has unavoidably grown to be an integral member of your family, we are aware that this is the most trying period you will ever experience together.

Knowing When the Time Has Come to Say Goodbye

We know that there isn’t ever a right time when it comes to making the decision to say goodbye to your pet. You may have come to this decision yourself based on your pet’s quality of life deterioration, or in some cases, the vet may tell you the time has come for a decision to be made if all treatment options have been exhausted, if the prognosis is poor, or if not putting your pet to sleep will only prolong their suffering.

Preparing to Say Goodbye

We are so sorry you have had to make this difficult decision to say goodbye to your pet. We know this is a very emotionally hard time for you and your family. However, we want to prepare you and your family to say goodbye and know what to expect on the day of your appointment. We want to do what we can to create a peaceful atmosphere for you and your pet during this difficult time.

Talk to your family and friends; find out who wants to be present. Having emotional support with you on the day if you are feeling overwhelmed can be the steady hand you may need to say goodbye.

Our appointments are for 30 minutes, and you do not have to be inside the clinic. You can choose to have your appointment outside on our grassed area in the backyard away from the clinic, and you can spend as much or as little time as you want with your pet.

While we understand this may be very hard for you and you may not want to be a part of the service, you can leave your pet with us, and we can conduct the service without you being present.

If you would like to bring your pet’s favourite treats, toy, or blanket to have with them during the service, you are more than welcome to do so. Whatever makes you and your pet feel most comfortable is fine with us.

What to Expect When You Arrive in the Clinic

Our reception team will get you to fill out our consent form on the iPad, asking questions about how you would like us to take care of your pet’s body. You have the options of:

  • Taking your pet home for burial
  • Private cremation, which means you choose a vessel and you get your pet’s ashes returned to you
  • Non-private cremation, which means we take care of your pet’s body for you, and you don’t receive any ashes back
  • On-hold, which means that we place your pet’s body on hold until you have made a decision on what you would like to do

We have the price list below for the different vessels available so you know the costs when making the decision.

Once you have made your decision, reception will get payment before the service so you can have as much time as you want with your pet and leave without returning to reception. If you have chosen your vessel and/or how you would like to proceed prior to your booking via reading this information, you are more than welcome to let our reception team know, and we can pre-bill this for you and send you a payment link to pre-pay so you do not have to deal with any payments on the day, we want to make this as stress-free as possible for you as we know this is such a difficult time. If you choose to have your appointment outside in our grassed area, let reception know, and we can ensure when you arrive at the clinic, you go straight around the back, not having to come inside the clinic.

Remember, you have given your pet the best possible life, and this decision doesn’t come lightly. We understand that saying goodbye to your beloved pet is incredibly difficult. The bond between you is unbreakable, and all the memories you have made will stay with you. Please let us know if we can further assist you during this challenging time.

Aftercare Options

Standard Range – $425

Premium Range – $475

Tiny Pets – $240

For birds, rats, and mice.

Cremation Keepsakes – $125

Keepsakes are designed to contain a small amount of ash close by. Pendants are approximately 3 cm high or the size of a 10 cent piece.

Comfort Bear

A customised, huggable memorial containing your pet’s ashes. Bear is 50cm tall. Please allow 4 weeks for customised embroidery. Please note that the final colour may vary from the images shown, please allow for variations.

Paw Prints

Please note all paw prints must be requested at the time of booking.