Our Veterinary Service

Pet Consultations

We’re open seven days a week and keep late weekday hours (8am – 8pm) in an effort to work with the busy schedules of our clients.

Our consultation hours are:

Monday to Friday: 8:00am–7:00pm

Saturday: 8:30am–2pm
Sunday: 8:30am–12 noon

(Urgent cases will of course be seen at anytime).

Simply call us on (02) 9631 9322 to make an appointment that is convenient for you.

Our consultations run on a 15 – 20 minute appointment basis in an endeavour to save your valuable time in the waiting room and to minimise stress for your pet. We do have the obligation to see to emergencies as a priority so unfortunately cannot guarantee that you will always be seen on time but we will make every attempt to do so.

Simply call us on (02) 9631 9322 to make an appointment that is convenient for you.

Whether your pet visits us for a routine health check and vaccination or in the unfortunate event that he/ she is unwell or injured one of our vets will perform a thorough physical examination. Physical examination alone may be all that is required to advise and prescribe treatment for your pet, however sometimes we will suggest additional tests (see diagnostics) or perhaps even recommend your animal be admitted to hospital for medical care if their condition requires it.


Should your pet require IV fluids or other in-hospital treatment, we have a fully air conditioned/ heated hospital ward with comfortable cages and bedding and a very dedicated team of vets and nurses who will make your Very Important Pet’s hospital stay as comfortable as possible.

Additionally, we have staff on site during the night to monitor patients and provide any treatments that may be required during this time.

You are always welcome to visit your pet in hospital where we are happy to give you daily updates on their progress.


Day Drop Off Service

We know many of our clients lead busy lives and sometimes cannot manage to bring their pet in for a consultation. We do offer a day drop off service where you can leave your animal with us for the day after completing a brief admission form detailing your concerns and contact details. We do require this to be prearranged and you may drop your pet off from 8am Mon – Fri on the day they have been booked in. One of our vets will examine your pet during the day and contact you with their findings and a treatment plan. Your pet may then be picked up at a designated time for discharge by a veterinarian before 8pm that evening.

Day drop Off Consultations are not suitable for animals that are seriously ill as these cases require thorough discussion with the vet and patient in the consulting room before being admitted to hospital.