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Pet BOAS Surgery

Widening the nostrils, shortening AND thinning the soft palate, eliminating everted laryngeal saccules (grade 1 laryngeal collapse), and removing abnormally enlarged tonsils are all part of airway enhancement surgery.

Pet BOAS Surgery

All of this contributes to giving the heart and lungs more oxygen. The comprehensive 5/5 surgical repair procedure is used by Dr. Ema and is highly recommended by the Melbourne Bulldog Clinic.

Brachycephalic airway improvement surgery is a surgical procedure we offer here at GWAH with Dr Ema.

Airway improvement surgery widens the nostrils, shortens AND thins the soft palate, removes everted laryngeal saccules (grade 1 laryngeal collapse) as well as removing abnormally enlarged tonsils.  

This all adds up to providing more oxygen to the heart and lungs. Dr Ema is very experienced in, and practices the comprehensive 5/5 surgical correction approach as recommended by the Melbourne Bulldog Clinic.

Airway corrections surgery is recommended for every ‘flat faced’ dog if they are to have the best chance at a long and happy life.

The more that the Veterinary community learn about these flat-faced breeds the more we become empowered to improve their lives. Recent studies show that >98% of these flat faced breeds (Brachycephalics) have gastrointestinal disease (regurg, reflux, wind etc) secondary to their narrowed airways!

In the before and after photos below, we can see the difference in how wide the nostrils are post op, and also how much more of an opening to the larynx is present after shortening and thinning out the patient’s soft palate.  This patient has also had tonsils and saccules removed – a true 5/5 surgery.

This results in more oxygen being delivered to their lungs which makes them less at risk of heatstroke and more able to enjoy their life and be active. It also reduces laryngeal collapse, gastritis and oesophageal disease.

If you have a ‘squishy faced’ dog please don’t hesitate to call the clinic for more information or book them in for a pre-surgery phone or in person consult to discuss this with us!