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Pet Behavioural Management

Behavior issues can significantly affect both your pet’s and your own quality of life.

Behavioural Management

Some behavioural patterns can be changed with routine adjustments, stress factor removal, or straightforward training methods, but others may require a more intense long-term strategy and occasionally concurrent medication.

Behavioural problems can have a significant impact on your pet’s quality of life, as well as your own.

Most behaviour problems stem from an underlying anxiety. This may be genetic or from previous negative experiences. Identifying the underlying emotional cause is essential to appropriately treat the external behaviour. Some behaviour patterns can be altered by changing routines, removing a stresser (trigger) from the environment or therapy with a qualified trainer. Others can require a more intensive long term plan combining behavioural modification and medication.

At Great Western Animal Hospital, we offer consultations for clients concerned about their pet’s behaviour.  Here we can gather an extensive history, examine the patient to ensure there are no concurrent physical issues, and set a plan in action. Your vet may recommend referral to an approved trainer, or referral to a Veterinary Behaviourist for more intensive management. We Recommend Vet Behaviour Team  https://www.vetbehaviourteam.com/

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