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Pet Boarding

It’s crucial to confirm that your dog or cat has the necessary immunizations before checking them into any facility for boarding. The optimal time to do this is at least two weeks in advance.

Pet Boarding

Our cat boarding ward has the resources to house cats (separate from dogs and other hospital patients). Cats are kept in two-level cages and released periodically to roam about and stretch their legs.

When booking your cat or dog in for boarding at any facility it is important to make sure that your pet is up to date with his or her vaccinations. It is best to do this at least 2 weeks beforehand. The choice of boarding facilities is a matter of personal preference, however it is wise to make sure the premises are licensed, there are procedures in place in the event of illness and that any special requirements for diet or medication can be met.

We have the facilities to board cats in our cat boarding ward (separate from dogs and other hospital patients). Cats are housed in 2 level cages and are let out in rotation to stretch their legs and explore. Our nurses become quite attached to our boarders and they receive lots of care and affection. Eating, drinking and toileting habits are charted and reported to a vet twice daily.


For dogs we recommend Hanrob boarding facility. Your dog can be dropped off at our hospital and then transferred to Hanrob by air-conditioned van, free of charge, then delivered back to the hospital when you return from holidays.

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