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Pet Care Rewards Membership Program

We have developed a rewarding membership plan that gives you cash back rewards for giving your pets the best chance to live a long and healthy life.

How does it work?

You sign up for an annual membership, a $99 fee, and immediately start earning 5% cash back onto your membership card for each dollar you spend at our practice. The money you earn on your membership card can be used for future services and products at Great Western Animal Hospital!

Our membership is also per family not per pet so you can share the rewards amongst your fur family right from the start.

So I have to spend money to get money?!

The $99 annual membership fee gets you membership AND other benefits, besides the 5% cash back.

Membership gets you 2 consultations ($149 value). So membership saves you  money right from the start.

What does membership get me?

  • 5% cash back onto your membership, which can be spent on future services at Great Western Animal Hospital
  • 2 free consultations per year (which can also be claimed against vaccination visits) – $149 value. Makes the $99 fee worth it right from the start!
  • You’re helping others! For every dollar you spend, we’re putting 2% in a new fund for pets who may not have an owner or to help support local charities like Pets In The Park.
  • Two free nail trims ($39 value) or 1 night free cat boarding for one cat($25-35 value)

Does the money I earn on my card expire?

No, as long as you keep your membership with us current! The money rolls over from year to year. (The 2 annual consultations, however, DO NOT roll over!)

Sounds like a no-brainer! How do I sign up!?

You can sign up at reception. So next time you are in be sure to ask one our receptionists to sign you up for our membership program.

Our fantastic health care team is here to provide your pets with the highest quality of care.