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Behavioural Management

Behavioural problems can have a significant impact on you and your pet’s quality of life. The relationship bond can come under considerable stress and bring anxiety and disruption to the entire family.

Some behaviour patterns can be altered by changing routines, removing a stress factor from the environment or simple training techniques but others can require a more intensive long term approach and sometimes concurrent medication.

At Great Western Animal Hospital, we offer extended (usually 30 – 45mins) consultations with Dr Vicky for clients concerned about their pet’s behaviour. Dr Vicky is not a veterinary behaviourist but she has a keen interest in the subject and has completed a post graduate course in Behavioural Medicine under Dr Kersti Seksel.

We do ask that prior to making an appointment, you fill out a detailed questionnaire regarding your pet’s lifestyle and behaviour. This saves valuable consultation time and gives us considerable insight into what could be causing your pets problem behaviour. This questionnaire can be emailed to you on request.

During the consultation Dr Vicky will collect any further history, examine your pet and provide a written management plan for addressing the behavioural concerns. In very difficult cases we may refer you on to a specialist Behavioural Consultant.

Please call us on 9631 9322 for more information.

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