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Pet Insurance

The best veterinary healthcare can be expensive (especially if your animal needs to visit a veterinary specialist centre).
Veterinarians are not government funded unlike doctors and pharmacies, our overheads are very high and to offer the high standards of care that our animals deserve and that their owners expect, we have to charge realistic prices. Sometimes accidents, illnesses and injuries occur that are completely unexpected and unprepared for. Pet insurance can be very helpful allowing you to give your pet the care they deserve without compromise.

Just as car insurance will not cover for certain things (eg regular services, new tyres) pet insurance will not usually cover for things like vaccinations and desexing but in the event of illness pet insurance will look after the larger costs involved.

A number of insurance companies offer pet insurance packages from just accident cover to full comprehensive cover. There are different premium levels associated with these and you may be surprised at how affordable the monthly premiums are.

Please ask any of our team for more information.

Our fantastic health care team is here to provide your pets with the highest quality of care.