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Obesity Clinic and Weight Control Advice

Obesity a common problem with both dogs and cats as most will over eat given the chance! Cats especially tend to lead a very luxurious and sedentary life (no longer having to hunt for their food!) Although it is often associated with older animals, the problem can start much younger. If not addressed, overweight animals can suffer from problems such as arthritis, diabetes, heart, liver and respiratory problems. These animals often have a shortened life span, more health problems, less energy and a poorer quality of life than their slimmer friends.

We have dedicated clinics to check your pet’s weight, assist with a sometimes difficult weight loss program, offer advice and encouragement as you help your pet back to a healthy weight. We suggest that you might like to attend these free nurse clinics on a regular basis. They are run by trained nursing staff who can help provide all the answers you need.

Our fantastic health care team is here to provide your pets with the highest quality of care.