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27 October 2021  

Freedom Day has arrived! 

Now what should I expect when visiting the vet?

With the uncertainty of the COVID virus still circulating in the community our aim is to remain safe, open and able to provide the best care for your fur babies. 

As a business we are responsible for completing a risk assessment to provide a safe workplace for not only our staff but for our loyal clients as well. As not all of our staff are fully vaccinated as yet we have made the decision to continue contactless consultations until the end of the year until there is a less likely chance of the clinic being closed for an extended period of time if one of our staff members were to be exposed to the virus.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide your pets with a fear free experience, one where they will be less stressed and anxious during their visit with us and if your pet is too anxious without you our wonderful vets will work out a plan. 

Our friendly nurses are helping our vets in consults with your pets and giving treats, cuddles and taking lots of cute photos. 

We hope that you understand our decision, we are all in this together and hopefully we are back to normal in the new year. We would like to thank all of our lovely clients thus far for showing us such great understanding and cooperation.