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Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool is an important first step in socialising your puppy and ensuring they start out on the right track to becoming a well adjusted and well behaved member of your family.

The socialisation window for pups usually closes after 16 weeks of age. This window is the period when dogs learn how to socially interact with other dogs and with people other than immediate family members. It is widely accepted that if dogs are exposed to this experience they are much less likely to suffer anxieties & phobias, inter-dog aggression and anti social behaviour as adults.

Because of the recommendations not to expose pups to other dogs until their vaccination program is complete, it is difficult to find a way to socialise your pup.
This is where puppy preschool comes in!

The classes are held once a week in the evenings for 4 weeks in a clean disinfected environment. Participating pups have all had at least 2 vaccinations.

Classes are run by our senior nurse Jodie Pignone, who has undergone additional Education and Training and the Puppy Preschool training scheme and have excellent rapport with pups and their owners.

The pups have a fantastic time, everyone (puppies and humans alike) receives an education on general healthcare and basic behavioural training (sit, stay, come, drop) and we find that as dogs these pups love coming to the vet! (reducing your stress levels)

If you’d like your pet to be a joy to walk / visit the doggy park with or to develop a stronger bond with your dog through communication then Puppy Preschool is the way to go.

Call us and speak to reception for more information or class timetables.

Our fantastic health care team is here to provide your pets with the highest quality of care.