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Natalia Gomez

Veterinary Nurse Certificate IV
Natalia Gomez

Hi, my name is Natalia and I have been working at Great Western Animal Hospital since 2015. Working at Great Western has been a absolute pleasure, it is very rewarding working with people that strive to provide the best care and emotional welfare for our clients pets.
GWAH has given me many opportunities like being one of the fear free clinic leaders, I love animal behaviour and I’m very pleased to be able to be a part of a positive change in your pets day, to make that often so stressful trip to the vet a positive experience for you and your pet.

I also have a keen interest in animal nutrition and promoting a healthy lifestyle for our pets. I have been very lucky with the support of GWAH to develop a weight loss program for our clients pets, I look forward to continue education and supporting our clients with their pets weight loss.

When I’m not running around at work I enjoy weight lifting at the gym and a healthy amount of Netflix.

My first dog was Molly my chocolate Labrador. Then I became a vet nurse, so Fudge my lop eared bunny came along after ending up as a stray, then my Pitbull Henry that didn’t have a mum at 3 weeks of age. My newest fur babies are john snow cashmere lop eared bunny and a very sassy love bird Alejandro, now Olive as she turned out to be a girl. I also have a fiancé that didn’t sign up for this 🙂